diving Torre de Marbella

In the Malaga province in the southern Spain, just east from the fishing port of Marbella, 250m off the shore stands the Marbella Tower. It is a ruin of a mineral cargo loading tower built in 1950s where the iron ore brought from the mountain mines was stored waiting for the cargo ships. The tower was in active use until 1970s.

The Tower stands on a little underwater hill at 6-10m over the sandy seabed at 11m. It is very compact little diving site with plenty of marine life. Tower walls are covered with little holes where you can find blennies, small crabs and nudibranch. The corners of the tower are covered with a Jewel anemone and several small scorpion fishes can normally be spotted there.

The shore side of the tower base has large rock and concrete piling which offers home for moray and conger eels, sometimes sharing one hole. Look for the cleaner shrimps and small squat lobsters living in conjunction with the eels. Near the tower you can see variety of bream, wrasse, comber and other typical Mediterranean fish. Brittle stars can be found under the smaller rocks.

South from the tower lays a fallen arm of a crane, which provides protection to variety of marine life. It found easily from the southern point of the tower by descending to base of the underwater hill. The arm lies just few meters away pointing to the direction of south east. Passing the crane from the southern side and following it to SE there is a small hermitage with the statue of Virgin Carmen.

There are also three wrecks on the proximity of the tower. You can find two of them easily by starting from the western tip of the tower and taking direction SW-W. The first boat is just 10-15 meters away.

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