Costa Tropical

Costa Tropical covers the coastal area of the Granada province (Spain), bordered by Almería in the east, Malaga in the west. Due to its special location affected by north African winds, Sierra Nevada mountain in North and the Mediterranean sea, the Costa Tropical has an unique microclimate with 320 sunny days a year and average temperature over 20 degrees.

Best diving in Costa Tropical concentrate around the town of La Herradura and Puerto Deportivo of Marina del Este. La Herradura gets its name from the horseshoe shaped beach surrounded by rocky hills on both sides, Cerro Gordo on the west and Punta de La Mona on the east. Marina del Este can be accessed by taking the spiraling road through Punta De La Mona and descending on to eastern side of it.

Best dives sites can be accessed by boat with the local dive centres, but there are also plenty of possibilities for shore dives. Natural formation of the bay and the cover from the hills give some options for diving even with moderate winds. Both puntas will continue submerging up to 40m+ but there can be very strong currents, so be sure to plan your dive well and constantly observe the conditions.

La Herradura dive sites La Herradura dive sites

The marine life in La Herradura consist all the typical Mediterranean fishes: Morena, conger eel, damselfish, mullet, bream, scorpion fish, wrasse, comber, cardinal fish, grouper, blenny, octopus and cuttlefish. Keep your eyes in to the blue and sandy bottoms at the deep and you might even spot an ocean sunfish. The walls are covered with algae and soft coral, such as astroides calycularis and dendrophyllia ramea.

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