Costa Maresme

Costa Maresme starts from Barcelona and spreads 50km towards north east all the way to the the River Tordera, which contributes to charasteristics of the coastal waters by delivering mineral rich sediments incuding quartz and feldspar from the northern valleys and Montseny natural park. While Costa Brava further to the north has some of the most beautifull dive sites in Spain, Costa Maresme offers excellent diving opportunites in the Barcelona area. There is a nice variety of rocky platforms, posidonia meadows, caves and wrecks to be found in these waters.

The local trains run literally along the beach accessing most of the towns in the coast and popular dive destination Mataró is just 30km drive from the centre of Barcelona. You can also find dive centers in both sides of Mataró, e.g. in Arenys de Mar and Premia del Mar.

Typical dive site in Mataró is located around 1-1,5 miles from the coast where there are various stretches of rocky platforms paralleling the coast. These sites e.g. El Negre and Barreta de l'Abre are mainly consisting of the sandy seabed and posidonia meadows plending into these rocky platforms which often slope just few meters above the seabed. The depth variation in these sites is often small, but the cracks in the platform and the posedonia meadows support a mixture of marine life, which attracts some bigger blue water predator fish. There is also an opportunity to sight pelagic sunfishes and eagle rays.

The diving in these sites is naturally done off the boat and a typical dive involves a descent by the anchor line with a fairly straight bottom profile at about 27-20 meters, and an ascent again by the anchor line. Keep in mind that with these depths and type of the profile it is very easy to accumulate decos. The visibility can be poor especially after the rainfalls, but generally Costa Maresme offers nice, very typical Mediterranean diving.

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